Ah Well

I wish I could be extremely disappointed about the result of the Nuggets/Lakers spin tonight.  I wish I could muster a mighty wind about the criminal acts forced on my beloved Nugz by the horrible, horrible, horrible NBA referees in the pivotal Game 5 Wednesday night.  As Bill Simmons put it:

…an edited reel of questionable calls from Wednesday night’s Game 5 would be eye-opening, especially Nene’s last two fouls and the 73 times that ‘Melo got hacked without a whistle.

But, whatever.  That’s the way the NBA goes.  The refs are terrible, and getting worse by the year, since they continue to be the same guys, year after year, only a little older, slower, etc.  

Tonight, they just didn’t show up.  Maybe it was frustration about the fact that they were the better team in Game 5, and probably Game 1 as well, yet lost them both.  More likely, it was just a not-quite-ready-for-prime-time team getting taught a lesson by a team that has been there before.  I dunno.

But, it was a good year.  Lord knows, the Nuggets forced the Lakers to play a better brand of basketball than they had shown in the playoffs before now – maybe that lesson will serve them well?  I know that, if we do get the Lakers/Cavs series that David Stern wants, both teams will have earned it!


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