So. Many. Thoughts.

May 22, 2008

I always knew that he blogged a lot. Like, really a lot. I’ll come back from lunch, and there will be 4 or 5 new posts.  And that happens all the time.

But there’s nothing like 5 days of not catching up on Google Reader to bring to witness just how absurd it is that, in that time, Matt Yglesias had over 85 new posts.  I love Matt; his list of interests, such as limiting military boondoggle spending, public transit, and NBA basketball, overlap well with mine.  Plus his snarky attitude and Harvard-boy-knows-best demeanor make him much more entertaining, if somewhat less informative, to read than a data-and-analysis blogger like Ezra.

But, come on.  85 posts in under 5 days?  That’s Andrew Sullivan territory, right there.

However, for all that, even with the sheer quantity of posts that he writes, it’s quite remarkable how many of them are interesting and informative.  I could use all the time I spend blogging point towards and commenting on things that he writes.  His post on the difference between health care and health insurance, in particular, caught my eye.

Matt writes two things I find very thought-provoking:

And as with universal preschool, the existence of universal health care wouldn’t imply that at any given time every single person was actually receiving health care. Nor would it quite guarantee that everyone was actually receiving all the health care they need — ornery people might just not go to the doctor.

Rather, the promise of universal health care would be that, as with the promise of universal preschool, the care would be provided to anyone who wanted it at a price that everyone could afford.


But this mostly serves to underscore the fact that the compromises being made in terms of trying to create a realistic legislative package for 2009 are very real compromises, major steps away from ideal circumstances that introduce unnecessary complications into the system.

I’m not quite coherent enough to put together a rational response to this post, so for the moment I’m going to put it out there and leave it alone, but hopefully I can return to it soon.  There’s a lot of good thinking to unpack there…