What I’m Eating

May 26, 2008

Three food-related items from the weekend.

1) Firstly, it has come to my attention that, due to

  1. my ability to be extremely attentive to detail,
  2. my tendency towards, well, let’s say, occasional over-rationality, and
  3. my once-in-a-blue-moon lack of normal range of human emotionality

I have been accused of being a cyborg. The best evidence I have gathered yet against this is my succumbing to gross temptation earlier this evening. When I was shopping for volunteer food for Nationals last weekend, I was looking at various kinds of candy. I saw the bag of Twizzlers and thought, “oh, I haven’t had those in forever!” And I wanted to buy them, but then I remembered the directive to only get individually packaged food, for sanitary purposes (lots of dirty Observers grabbing handfuls of unwrapped candy out of a bag isn’t the cleanest thing imaginable.) All week, I’ve been wanting Twizzlers, and forgetting when I was in a position to actually buy them. Then, when in line at Blockbuster tonight, I saw their absurdly overpriced candy selection and voila! Twizzlers!

So yes, faithful readers, this full-blooded human being shelled out $1.79 for about 20 pieces of strawberry licoricey goodness. And you know what? They were word every. damn. penny.

2) Via Ezra, a most video demonstrating a delicious way to cook and serve a bone-in ribeye steak.

Due to the extremely poor weather tonight, I had to improvise an indoor version (searing on the cast-iron skillet, then broiling in a broiler pan), but it still quite yummy and delicious.

3) Earlier this week, I read an interesting post on the Freakonomics blog, which discussed the work of a psychology professor, Seth Roberts, who has done a rather absurd amount of self-experimentation over the last 20+ years. I ended up at his website, where I learned more about the Shangri-La Diet. It’s a little more detailed than I want to go into here, but the short version of how it works is that, by getting some of your calories in very weakly flavored foods, you actually trick your body into feeling sated on less food when it comes time to eat. So, in short, in between meals (at least an hour before and after eating meals), you drink some sugar water and some unflavored oil (in my case, lightly-flavored olive oil.)

I’ve been doing it for about 5 days so far, and since day 2, I’ve been losing about a pound a day. That’s certainly not a rate of weight loss that I expect to continue, but I can testify that I feel very similar to how the author was describing. When mealtime comes around, it’s just really…easy to stop eating after a smaller amount of food than I used to eat.

It’s hardly like I need to lose a massive amount of weight, but I’ve always wondered if it would be possible for me to get back to my college weight of about 180 lbs, a loss of 20 from where I’ve been since getting to Colorado.  I guess we’ll be finding out…