Ah HA! (OR Nefarious Voicemail)

Turns out that Ezra is irritated by the obnoxious voicemail wench who instructs you on how to use voicemail, every time you go to leave a message.

I’ve long thought that this was a scam (like almost all other mobile phone silliness) designed to keep their consumers on the phone longer, and thus utilize more precious minutes. I was most sensitive to this when I was using a pay by the minute plan. I often found myself making 61 or 62 second calls thanks to the obnoxious voicemail wench and an overly long pause after she was done, but before the actual beep.

Now, it turns out I was right. Bastards!

several attendees (cell executives) admitted to me, point-blank, that the voicemail instructions exist primarily to make you use up airtime

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