Say Anything (OR Cognitive Dissonance)

July 10, 2008

Dave is kind enough to point out this wonderous statement from Sen. McCain:

You can’t get over the fact that historically when you raise people’s taxes, revenue goes down[.]

Both Ezra and Dave have rightfully disparaged the content of this sentence, and I’m not looking to reiterate.

What is interesting to me, though, is how this jives (or doesn’t) with Sen. McCain’s regular assertions that Sen. Obama will raise everyone’s taxes to pay for all his wonderful toys.. er, programs.

Let me get this straight…  Sen. Obama wants the government to do some stuff, and doing that stuff will require more money, and getting that money will require more revenue, which will require raising everyone’s taxes.

And yet, Sen. McCain says that when you raise the taxes, you don’t get more money. I guess this explains how Sen. McCain thinks he can balance the budget, without significant service reductions, by cutting taxes.

Who to Tax (OR Having cake, and eating it too)

July 7, 2008

As part of his response to Sen. McCain’s economy week, Matt discusses corporate taxes. In laying out what he’d like to see, he says:

I believe the standard center-left technocratic proposal is to eliminate the corporate income tax entirely and replace the lost revenue with a hike in the top individual income tax bracket — that should ensure that the benefits of a corporate tax cut are captured by the middle class.

Now, this may be yet another case where I’m more to the left than I ever realized, or it may be my limited understanding of the law, but aren’t corporations entitled to similar legal rights and protections as individuals?

If that’s true, and individuals are required to pay income taxes to the government that guarantees those rights and provides those protections, shouldn’t corporations pay taxes to the same government for the same reason?

It seems to me that a corporate tax structure be implemented in a progressive fashion, like we propose for individuals, allowing low income (small and midsize business, start up companies, etc) companies to be exempted from taxes, or pay a lower rate, while huge companies (like ExxonMobile) pay a fair rate.

Rough week (OR Nowhere to go but down?)

June 13, 2008

As I hinted in my rambling post yesterday, it has, to all appearances, not been a good week for Sen. McCain.

First, there’s this snippet (via Atrios):

In a further sign that Republican hopes are fading badly, the head of the Senate GOP’s campaign committee has set a new goal for the party this Fall: Not to lose too many Senate seats.

And, Ambinder chimes in with this:

Here’s the start of that Obama bump, per Gallup. It ain’t gonna be 15 points by the time of the convention, but there are some in McCain’s world who legitimately believe that McCain will NEVER be ahead in the popular vote (but will still win the election.)

Of course, this reinforces my feeling that the Republicans, and Sen. McCain are going to be routed in November. Read the rest of this entry »