McClellan (OR Yes, it’s a big deal)

May 30, 2008

The blogosphere is a-twitter about Scott McClellan’s new book. Kathy G. (guest blogging for Matt) summarizes the reaction.

Matt offers a different opinion:

Right-wing flack talking like a right wing flack — not news. Left-wing blogger talking like a left-wing blogger — not news. Right-wing flack talking like a left-wing blogger — news.

This seems about right to me…   as Atrios would say, we’re all dirty fucking hippies. Of course liberals have “known” about what McClellan wrote, but until now it’s just been us lefties making noise. We’re easy to ignore.

Now one of the administrations own is confirming some of our worst fears. Now those fears can’t be dismissed as easily. Is it redemptive for McClellan? No, but it doesn’t need to be. It reinforces and reiterates everything liberals have been talking about for years, and that’s a good thing.