Friendly Reminder (OR Oh yeah, that’s what sucks!)

August 6, 2008

Now that Dave has declared that blogging is something that he wants to do, taking priority over his vast number of other committments, I suppose I should follow suit, or something.

I have started my new job. It’s cool. 2.5 days in, and I’m already feeling reassured that I made the right decision to leave my comfy/stable/boring job to come here and take on some new challenges. Don’t get me wrong, there’s tons of work to do and I’ll be busy for a very long time…  but it’s a good busy. Everyone here is cool, and I’m going to be able to get my hands into a lot of stuff that was only a pipe dream at my last job.

All that being said, it’ll only be a matter of time before I’m generally incapable of keeping up with all my blog reading (I’ve been meaning to cut back my subscriptions anyway, so that’s not all bad). And writing my own posts will be equally challenging.

But, darn it! I’m going to try…

Part of my struggle, of course, is that we appear to have entered the long, boring, repetitive portion of the campaign. And, though that time, I’m being reminded how lemming-like Americans can be…

If memory serves, Sen. Obama went on a much heralded trip to Europe and the Middle East not too long back. Some notable things happened while he was there (like Iraqi President Maliki essentially endorsing Obama’s ‘timetable’, and 200,000 people coming out to see the Senator speak in Berlin). I remind you of this, because it appears that the campaing has now become about who can better bring gas prices down.

Sen. McCain is hammering his “Drill here, drill now” proposal, even though he has admitted that additional drilling in America will have a “psychological” impact at best. He’s attacking Sen. Obama for supporting fully inflating tires to conserve gas, even though “experts” agree this actually works!

So, Sen. McCain is drowning out whatever gains Sen. Obama made while overseas with his short-sighted solution to energy demands that doesn’t actually solve anything, and he’s gaining in the polls!

Obviously, voters want cheaper gas… sure… I want cheaper cars, and cheaper movies, and cheaper mail (almost 50 cents a stamp, c’mon!), but should we be able to think (just a little) about whether cheaper is better, or in Sen. McCain’s case, more (oil) is better? Oil prices are falling because we’re using less.

Want cheaper stuff? Use less of it…  which is exactly what Sen. Obama is proposing.

At least Sen. Obama is saying something we’ve been thinking for years:
“It’s like these guys [Republicans] take pride in being ignorant”

Transportation (OR Does this map look eerily similar to anyone else?)

June 9, 2008

The Agonist points to this map from the NY Times about gas prices and income…

Obviously, there are lots of implications of this kind of data, but my first thoughts were:

  • Much of most effected areas are in staunchly red states.
  • Could Democrats make some headway in these areas by adding an “Affordable Public Transit” plank to their platform?

It seems safe to assume that gas prices aren’t going to drop any time soon… and we’re already behind the curve when it comes to public transit. Wouldn’t this be a good time to accentuate any public transit aspects of a climate change prevention/reversal policy?