Oh Sonia

I have very little to add to the commentary on the fact that Sonia Sotomayor is going to be the next Supreme Court Justice, barring a massive revelation that the Obama vetting team was unable to dig up.  I will say that, as is always the case whenever a Democrat nominates a minority for anything, I am sick and tired of the thoughtless, automatic response the Republicans give, which is that this person is clearly the beneficiary of affirmative action all throughout his/her life, that he/she clearly is not the best person for the job, and that a white male with his/her qualifications would never get considered for the job.

To wit: this great table from Yglesias this morning:

Yep, clearly, a white guy with those qualifications would *never* get considered for the Supreme Court…

Okay, I do have something else to add to this.  My view on court nominations is pretty well established.  I believe that, barring some sort of radically inappropriate act (the Miers nomination could potentially have fallen under this definition), all nominees should be the beneficiary of an up-or-down vote.  I wrote a lot more about it at my old blog.  Contra Rachel Maddow, I do not believe in a constitutional right to a balanced Supreme Court.  The Republicans got two young, consistently conservative votes on the court, because they held all the levers of power when the time came to replace them.  I think that’s appropriate, even though I don’t like it.  Similarly, the Dems now are in charge of every institution in DC that matters, and that gives them the right to put anyone who meets the basic qualifications on the Court.  And if we can find some dirt on Clarence Thomas and can get him to step down?  Awesome.

If you, Republican Senator, do not like the justice’s views, too damn bad.  Go cry yourself to sleep on your huge pillow while wearing your adult-sized Ronald Reagan Underoos.  Vote against her, admit that you lost, and get on with life.


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