Improvement? (OR Missing the target)

June 19, 2008

President Bush declared yesterday that the solution to high oil prices is drilling, throwing his political weight (such as it is) behind Sen. McCain.

Rayola Dougher at the American Petroleum Institute says those deposits could boost the nation’s oil supply by one to two million barrels a day within seven years.

Seven? As in¬†70% of a decade? Seriously? This is the answer to high oil prices? You’re kidding, right?

Seriously, if the answer to our problems is seven years out, wouldn’t it make sense to take the initial steps towards a sustainable solution, like more efficient cars?

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy figures the nation will save an equivalent amount — two million barrels a day — just from the latest increase in fuel efficiency requirements for cars, but not until 2025.

Yeah, those pathetic increases in CAFE standards…¬†Congress had a chance to pass legislation that would actually be helpful but whiffed (or maybe fouled it off). So now we have to hear that further exploiting our planet is a good idea. All so we can save a few cents on gas IN SEVEN YEARS!

This sounds like a typical Republican ploy. Find a destructive and ineffective policy that can be touted as the answer to all our problems and then attack your Democratic opponent for sensibly opposing it.

Which then begs the question: Does the support of a President with a 75% disapproval rate actually help you get elected?