Now that’s the fourth-quarter domination I was expecting!

I’m guessing George Karl was right – the Nugs were a little too emotional in game 3, and couldn’t quite get their whole team-first thing going, especially in the fourth, as everyone was trying to be the hero for the hometown crowd.  Last night’s performance was amazing.  If JR Smith continues to play like that, well, let’s just say I’m glad they have him on contract for 3 more years still.  The offensive skills he brings off the bench, especially when he is looking to get into the paint and create opportunities for his teammates, are unparalleled, even by top sixth men like Jason Terry and Manu Ginobili.  And if he got beat a few times too easily by Kobe…well, who hasn’t?

Anyhow – I was impressed.  That was as solid a win as I’ve seen from them this postseason, including that utterly absurd 58-point win over the Hornets in round 1.  Now the question remains whether or not they can keep that momentum on the road against LA’s less-than-spectacular crowd.

Over in the other series, do-or-die time tonight for the Cavs – they’ve been in every game, but absent the “greatest shot ever” for the best young player in the league, they’d be down 0-3 right now.  They are just having fits trying to guard all those quirky, nontraditional players on Orlando.  I’m very interested to watch tonight’s throwdown.


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