We Have Liftoff!

Baby robins picture from this morning, May 23rd:

One Baby Left, May 23, 2009

You might notice something odd – there appears to only be one baby left!

Yes, that’s right.  When Simon ran out into the yard this morning, this seemed to provide adequate stimulation for the babies to take flight!  Of course, being baby robins, they didn’t so much ‘fly’ as ‘fall in a mildly controlled fashion to the yard.  Here they both are, ground-bound:


Baby Near Fence, May 23, 2009

Baby Near Tree, May 23, 2009


That was this morning.  By now, midafternoon, not only is the nest completely empty, but the yard appears to be as well, so my guess is that they have found the power of flight (no wonder the wings don’t work so well, being all cramped up in that nest since birth!) and alighted off for safer climbs, at least the branches somewhere above my yard if not for an altogether dog-free yard.

Humor abounded while Simon was taking care of his business.  I should mention that, pretty much since the eggs hatched, the presence of dogs in the yard was met with rapid chirping and distinctive ‘dive-bombing’ type actions from both parent robins, who were trying to warn away the intruders, and distract them from the nestlings.  The adult robins would swerve around the yard, diving towards the dogs and buzzing their heads.  Quite amusing.  Anyhow, this morning, the intensity ramped up once the babies were out of the nest and on the ground.  The diving robins were actually hitting Simon in the head while he pooped, a distraction he appeared to find quite unwelcome.  He was very happy to come inside as soon as he was done, and not the least bit interested in the babies, to my relief and theirs, I am sure.

But it appears that we have survived another exciting year of robin-nesting, and I’m already looking forward to the 2010 season.  Best of luck to the babies, whose fates are now out of my hands, and it will be nice to not get dive-bombed by pissed off birds when I go to do some gardening this weekend…


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