Well, it’s Spring, and at the Damn Lefties household, that means one thing – baby robins!

Yes, the robins are back this year, back to their usual tricks of adding a few random twigs to the already built-up nest, I guess so they feel like they’re really accomplishing something, as opposed to living off the glory of the past, then laying a few eggs and makin’ babies.

Firstly, the eggs, from a couple days back:


Robin Eggs

Robin Eggs

And, as of about 20 minutes ago this morning, we have babies!


Baby Robins

Baby Robins

I’m pretty sure I see 3 baby robin butts in there.  I wish I could catch them mid-hatch one year, but I really have a feeling that there’s a magic stork involved, and there’s no way I’m fooling the stork.  I don’t even know what happens to the eggshell remainders – do mom and dad throw them away?  I should go look on the ground under the nest…

Anyhow, check back every morning for photo updates on the yet-to-be-named chicks.  Also, apropos of the general theme of cuteness in this post, some damn cute dogs:

Simon and Gilbert


One Response to Awwwww

  1. Aman says:

    Pretty amazing! Can I get full-size images for the 8 robin pictures you posted?

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