Damn Those Lefties!

It has been mentioned to me that myself and my faithful co-blogger have not, technically speaking, been blogging much lately.  I’m sure I have many wonderful excuses, most of which come down to some linear combination of ‘busy’ and ‘not feeling very interested.’  But Fuck That Shit, pardon my not-at-all French, as Ezra always says – there’s a big world out there, and someone has to blog about it.

Without further comment, I refer you to the best reason to be excited about life right now, The A/V Club’s Wildly Enthusiastic 2009 Summer Movie Preview, Part One: May – June.   Best of many great lines:

Why it’s going to be awesome: Has Michael Bay ever disappointed? Besides,Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen features Darius McCary reprising his role as “Jazz,” the “soulful,” “urban,” “street” Transformer who was all “Skiddely-bee-bop, getting’ jiggy with it, recycling 2 the extreme!” If this film is half as beloved as Shia LeBeouf’s previous sequel, last summer’s Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, it will be gross over a trillion dollars, easy. Also, robot/cars smashing things and blowing shit up! What’s not to love? 

Why it might be slightly less than awesome: There are some people who feelTransformers was not a very good movie and that Michael Bay is the epitome of dumb, shallow Hollywood hackery. Those people are wrong. And un-American. Go back to Russia, comrade! No shiny talking robot-car movie for you!  


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