Ragnar Signur Olaffsson

There are lots of great writers out there, but only a few who seem to really always have a knack for finding an interesting and fun story, and finding a great way to tell it.  Michael Lewis, of Moneyball fame, among many others, is definitely one of these.

Although his profile of the recent demolition of the economy of Iceland is totally inside baseball, and has no business being all that interesting, it’s actually really fascinating.  It’s long, and not a light read, but totally worth checking out if you’re interested in seeing yet another example of how human greed and overconfidence, untethered from any sensible desire to understand or quantify risk, can build a house, a castle, an entire Tower of Babel out of playing cards, soaring to the sky but inevitably falling to the ground once subjected to a strong enough tremor, in this case the popping of the American housing bubble.


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