Football Fantasies

Yes, I know, it’s been over a month since the Super Bowl, and still 6 or so until the regular season starts, but I couldn’t resist this.

I’m not usually one to vote in website polls – who the hell cares? But ESPN Page 2 was asking today which of the following four young quarterbacks you’d like to have for your team: Jay Cutler, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Cassell, or Matt Ryan.  

I had to vote, only because it let me see how insane the rest of the country could be. And the answers do not disappoint! As you can see if you click through the link, only 56% (at this moment) of the country picked the obvious right answer, Matt Ryan. A surprising 20% went with Cutler, with Cassell and Rodgers making up the rest. Cutler seems like the least obvious choice to me – while he certainly has a great arm and brass balls, I don’t think he has the head to win in the NFL, and a 17-20 record over 3 years would seem to make the same point.

Anyhow, more amusing to me is the way ESPN gives you the geographic breakdown of votes. Ryan leads in 47 states, with Cutler leading in Colorado, Rodgers in Wisconsin, and Cassell in Maine.  The Maine thing is a little odd – shouldn’t it be Massachutsetts? – but the general point still holds, which is that hometown fans (as Colin Cowherd always reminds us – short for ‘fanatic’) is the least reasonable person on the face of the planet…


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