The Future Is My History

Yglesias has a piece about George P. Bush, Jeb’s son, setting himself up for a future political career by ripping Florida Gov. Charlie Crist for supporting the economic stimulus plan.

Matt notes that there hasn’t been a successful Republican run for the White House since 1972 that didn’t include a Bush somewhere on the ticket, and proposes that this means we’ll have President (or at least candidate) Jeb in 2016, and George P. somewhere down the line.

I don’t know about all that – 2016 is a long way away, and it’s silly to engage in such speculation.  But the idea has me excited, if only because George P. Bush would be the first President who I ever shared a classroom with.  Yes, that’s right, junior year of college at Rice, George P. sat in the back of the room, making fart noises and throwing spitballs* at the teacher during Chinese Cultures.  I didn’t speak to him more than a couple of times, but he seemed like an earnest, nice enough kid, if neither spectacularly brilliant nor dumb.  I have nothing to say about his political future, although saying that accepting stimulus funds makes Crist a ‘D-Light’, meaning (I presume) Democrat Light, is a little silly, but a lot less silly than things that actual grownups with real responsibilities in Washington are saying, so it’s hard to blame him for that.


*technically, he did neither of these things.  But he did sit in the back of the room.


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