Damn You Sean Penn! Damn You To The Fifth Circle Of Hell!

Well, if I had gone my gut and split my vote between Penn and Rourke, I would have won the night; as it was, I took an honest third.  So it goes.

Not a bad ceremony.  Surpringly good night for Slumdog, but that music definitely rocked the house, much more so than the tune from Wall-E.  I like Danny Boyle’s movies, as a general rule, so I’m glad to see him do well.

Other highlights for me:

The screenwriter for Milk‘s acceptance speech, where he assured all the gay children of the world that they are loved, and wonderful, and that one day soon they will be able to live their lives openly and proudly.

The intros for the Best Actor nominees, given by past winners.  The intros for Rourke and Penn were both spectacular, both funny and poignant.  The one for the Best Actresses were a little too, well, girly for my taste, but that’s probably not surprising.

I think they’ll go back to using a comedian to host next year.  It was very odd having the majority of the hosting duties done by people other than the host.  However, Jackman was really excellent whenever he was on stage.  I preferred the first, funnier musical number to the second, more earnest one, but Beyonce was rockin’ the fuck out of the casbah, and Jackman was quite the nimble dancer.

Ben Stiller is no longer funny.  Can we come to grips with this fact?

Penelope Cruz is…ummm…*gnawing on knuckle*…quite…attractive?  I would be pleased if she were my girlfriend.  That’s all I’m saying.

I loved the cinematographer guy who was with the gents from Pineapple Express telling one of his competitors to ‘suck on that’.  Suffice to say, I don’t think that was in the script.

Good job by Penn, also, in his acceptance speech, although he apparently failed to mention his wife’s name.  Whoops.  Anyhoo – I was quite afraid that he would get all self-righteous and ridiculous, as he got when he tried to defend Jude Law (Jude fucking Law!) from the indignity of having his acting “talents” questioned by Chris Rock a couple years back.  But, no – he really reigned it in, and delivered a stern, unrelenting, but fundamentally classy response to those who voted for Prop 8 in California in November.  It didn’t take away the sting of my loss, but it helped a bit.

I now want to see Frost/Nixon.  I still don’t want to see The Reader.  I heard really good things about Frozen River, so I may have to check that out.

A surprisingly good show, better than I expected, although I would have preferred to let the artists play the full version of their songs.  So, apparently, did Peter Gabriel, who refused to participate in the bastardized arrangement that was presented.  Good job by him, standing up for his art…


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