What About Starship Troopers 3?

I don’t entirely agree with the measurements, but I love this idea of The Trilogy Meter:

I think it gives not enough credit to Star Trek II (that’s the one where William Shatner overacts while yelling ‘Khan!!!’ at the top of his lungs, instead of the one where he overacts while finding a reborn Spock on planet Genesis) and not enough to Godfather 3 which, while undoubtedly flawed, is still better than most movies ever made.  It just couldn’t sniff the jock of Godfather 1 or 2, and seemed worse by comparison.  Alternatively, it gives a little too much credit to Planet of the Apes 1, and way too much to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, a ridiculous and silly movie, the only upside of which was that it launched the “career” of Jonathan “Short Round” Ke Quan, who went on to a long and productive career of appearing as Data in Goonies and, of course, a 22-episode stint as Jasper Kwong on early-90’s phenomena Head of the Class.

I feel like I ought to check out Blade 2, based on this meter.  Anyone have any advice on that front?


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