Sportsmanship Update

There’s been a decent amount of press about poor sportsmanship lately, the biggest news probably being the story of a Dallas high school girl’s basketball game that ended in a score of 100-0, with powerhouse Covenant School destroying the Dallas Academy, a team which hadn’t won a game in over 4 seasons.  And, of course, ESPN’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback constantly laments the state of sportsmanship in college football, with powerhouse teams constantly scheduling early season home games against total creampuffs, to increase money from gate fees and to impress poll voters with scores like 70-3 on their schedule.

To that end, it’s worth noting when really good examples of sportsmanship show up, like the story of Dekalb High School vs. Milwaukee Madison on Feb. 7th.  In short, one of the Milwaukee Madison players lost his mother to cancer the morning of the game, and told the team he would not attend the game.  He changed his mind, and showed up.  However, his name was not on the official roster, which meant that Milwaukee Madison would be hit with a technical foul if he was put in the game.  The Dekalb coach knew the situation and wanted to decline the penalty, but officials would not allow him to.  His senior point guard, Darius McNeal, volunteered to take the free throws and purposefully miss them.  As McNeal later told a reporter: “I did it for the guy who lost his mom.  It was the right thing to do.”

It’s a good story, and worth reporting on, and keeping in mind next time you hear about how terrible “the kids” are these days…


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