Barack Motherf***ing Obama

Don’t remember where I linked to this from, so I apologize for not having the proper hat tip, but this is the shiznit.  Audio clips of now-President Barack Obama, from the book-on-CD version of his first book, Dreams from my Father. In case you haven’t read it, it’s a detailed, often graphic, depiction of his life growing up, and how he tried to put together the intellectual half of his personality with the outcast, mixed-race, unusual upbringing half.  There are lots of depictions of the sort of vulgar language that you would absolutely expect from someone who had that sort of upraising.

Thus, on the site linked to, you can hear the now-President say things like ‘there’s white folks, and there’s ignorant motherfuckers like you.’  I kind of want to make this my ringtone.  How awesome would that be?

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