The Optics Of Stimulus

I don’t have any really brilliant things to add to the ongoing discussion about the way the stimulus package discussion has been hijacked by a combination of a completely recalcitrant Republican minority and an absurdly pliable MSM.

I would agree with pretty much everything said by my esteemed coblogger.  Fuck the Republicans.  If all they bring to the table is tax cuts, and are unwilling to agree to any major spending stimulus proposals, then let them rot, and pass the bill you actually want to pass.  If they want to actually filibuster the bill, make them do it – force them to stand up there and fiddle on national television while Rome burns.  Although, I would add that, if you’re going to mention the video that David Plouffe sent out and asked that we share, the least we can do is actually, you know, share it:

Also, I would add that, while I am not entirely opposed to rampant tax fraud, especially in the service of enriching my own self, this might not be the absolute best forum in which to discuss it.  Just sayin’.


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