Fast One (OR Obama’s Grand Scheme?)

The big news these days seems to be centered around the stimulus package for which Pres. Obama wants broad bipartisan support. Unsurprisingly, the news is not very good.

Equally unsurprising, liberals in the ol’ blogosphere are frustrated by the predictability of the predicament.

In a nutshell, the predicament is this: Democrats want a stimulus bill that’s based largely on spending and Republicans don’t want one at all, unless it can be entirely devoted to tax cuts (presumably for their rich friends). Nonetheless, President Obama wants significant bi-partisan support for the bill.

As you’ll see in the links above, the Democrats have made a number of concessions to the Republicans, yet those very same Republicans are not willing to support the bill.

What if President Obama is one step ahead here? I mean, he’s a pretty bright guy. Surely, he could have foreseen this outcome in much the same way that liberal blogosphere has. What if he’s giving the Republicans just enough rope to hang themselves? By giving Congressional Republicans a platform (and plenty of time) from which they can spout their nonsense, he’s also, potentially, creating a scenario where the public can see through the smokescreen, in much the same way that Rachel Maddow did last night.

Is it possible that Pres. Obama is preparing to, essentially, pull the rug out? What might happen if he give a speech in prime time, detailing his hopes for the plan, how he doggedly sought bipartisan support, how he and the Congressional Democrats included some Republican tax-cut recommendations, and how the Republicans only brought their tired one trick pony and still refused to support the bill designed to help all Americans.

Couldn’t he manage to cast the Republicans in an stark light, making clear the limitations of their idea (since we have almost 30 years of evidence of that idea’s failure), and their unwillingness to assist American families in need. Couldn’t he use that as a rational to do what liberals are asking for anyway?

Could President Obama be using this opportunity to, essentially, shame the Republicans into cooperating in the future by demonstrating his willingness to push through popular measures, while pointing out the Republicans are only interested in obstructing, not in governing? At the same time, he’ll get a bill that might actually be sufficient to the challenge ahead.

One can hope, at least.


2 Responses to Fast One (OR Obama’s Grand Scheme?)

  1. I really would like to hope that you’re correct. If he is, though, he sure is being sneaky about it.

  2. sethkahn says:

    I don’t know if it was as strategeric as all that, but I fully expect Prez Obama to draw that conclusion in public at one point or another.

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