As a native Delawarean, it’s a surprisingly touching moment to see Joe Biden, Senator for my entire life, take the oath as VP.

I’m surprised that John Williams ripped off Copeland in the instrumental inaugural piece.  Well arranged, of course, but come on – was he too busy to write something original for, you know, only the biggest single inauguration of the last few decades?

Apparently, since the event is running a few minutes behind schedule, I can now say ‘President Obama’ even though he has not taken the oath yet – that happened at noon eastern, regardless of the status of the oath.

And here we go…

Wow, two flubs in the first three lines.  But he got through the rest of it okay.  And there we go – President Barack Hussein Obama.

Today is a Very Good Day.


3 Responses to Inauguration

  1. Elissa says:

    Of course, Copeland ripped off the Shakers. Or more appropriately, paid homage to…

  2. Elissa says:

    I loved the music. And the melodic line from “Simple Gifts” is a truly American melody.

  3. Aman says:

    ‘Air and Simple Gifts’ is an original Williams composition, although it does borrow from the Shaker hymn ‘Simple Gifts’ by Joseph Brackett. Copeland also used the hymn in ‘Appalachian Spring’ and also in his ‘Old American Songs’.

    It is great that a classical quartet was asked to play at such a prominent moment in the ceremony. The request was likely made by Obama, who is known to like Copeland’s works.

    The four musicians in the quartet, by the way, each of them giants in the classical world, were Chinese-American, Hispanic, African American, and Jewish. They had just two rehearsals (the first on the 13th of January) and a recording (as contingency) before the inauguration.

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