Eagles Massive FAIL

Well, hopefully everyone who watched the football games this weekend has a better idea of what it can be like to be an Eagles fan.  Like Homer once said, it’s all about the dizzying highs, the terrifying lows, the creamy middles!

Sorry I’m just now writing about the game, but I was so bummed afterwards on Sunday, I couldn’t handle writing about it – instead I went to the gym and hit the treadmill.  Roundabout the third time I got my heart rate up over 170, and I thought it was going to burst out of my chest and start beating me with large blunt objects, a football game didn’t seem quite so important anymore.

I don’t know entirely what to say about that game.  Obviously, they didn’t figure out quickly enough how to shut down Fitzgerald.  Not that anyone can necessarily do so, but it did seem very odd that there were times when he was simply left alone coming across the middle.  I don’t get it.  But giving up 3 touchdowns in one half to the obvious #1 weapon was rather embarrassing.  The D recovered and played an inspired second half, although that 14-play drive should not have happened.

The first half, and really the game as a whole, was a demonstration of why the McNabb era has been so frustrating all along.  When he is playing well, smiling and chucking the ball around the field, I’d take him over any QB in football.  When he’s playing poorly, it’s just god-awful.  The forced interception, when DeSean Jackson miraculously came back to force a fumble and save points.  The simple throw to Hank Baskett who, if he had been able to catch it standing up, could still be running even as I write.

Similarly, the team plays inconsistently – dropped passes, missed blocks, the ridiculous inability to do something so simple as push the damn ball out of bounds on the short kickoff.  When they’re on, they’re as good as anyone out there, but they simply can’t keep that kind of effort up for enough weeks in a row to win a Super Bowl.  Yes, Kevin Curtis was blatantly interfered with on the last offensive play, as was Jason Avant on a drive-ending play in the first half.  But you know what?  If the Eagles had played as well as they are capable of, it wouldn’t have mattered, so I can’t hang this on the refs.

So no, I don’t think Reid or McNabb should be fired.  They ended the seasons of both the Giants and the Cowboys, and during that stretch, they were pretty well coached, and McNabb played great.  Would I trade Reid for Belicheck, or McNabb for Tom Brady?  Sure.  But you’re not going to get those guys, and you’re probably not going to get anyone better than who you already have.  We’ll continue to hope against hope that someone, somehow, convinces Reid that we need a between-the-tackles running back and a strong, across-the-middle kind of wide receiver, and get back to it next year.

In the meantime, I don’t have to care about the Super Bowl.  The Cardinals obviously deserve to be there, they won both games fair and square.  I think the Steelers are going to beat the piss out of them, but I thought the Eagles would do the same thing, and we saw how that turned out.  I guess we’ll find out!


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