Delicious…And Deadly

Via Anika Mengisen at the Freakonomics blog, a video on the safety, or absolute lack thereof, of deep-frying a turkey.

Watching this leads me to believe that maybe, just maybe, I have not actually evolved to survive on this planet, because really, all I can think of is that one time I had deep-fried turkey, and how delicious it was, and boy, wouldn’t it be fun to have a whole turkey like that for myself?  What are the odds that I would burn my house down?  Less than 1-in-5 chance, I’d bet…



One Response to Delicious…And Deadly

  1. LT says:

    You should watch the Good Eats episode on deep-frying a turkey – it’s fantastic. the number 1 recommendation – do it outside – you’re less likely to burn your house down. Give me the word and I’ll send you my copy of that episode (and any others you have a hankerin’ for).

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