So Cool (OR Ideas worth watching)

Not too long ago, I traded in my DirecTV subscription and their amazingly subpar DVR for over the air digital broadcasts and a Tivo. While DirecTV’s DVR does record TV shows, it doesn’t really do anything else.

Tivo, on the other hand does a bunch more, like play mp3s from a home network, stream podcasts (wacky, I know), play videos transferred from a home network, and stream movies from NetFlix and other sources.

This post isn’t really meant to plug Tivo, it’s to talk about the sorts of things I find, now that I’m using a Tivo.

Since I don’t have access to cable channels, I initially wanted a way to watch The Rachel Maddow Show. Knowing I could transfer videos to the Tivo, I figured I could download her video podcasts and watch them on TV. And it worked like a charm.

Along the way, I found an application called Miro, which is kinda like iTunes for videos only. It offers a searchable library of content, and allows you to subscribe to various feeds.

While digging through that library, I found a couple feeds for TED Talks, which had been recommended to me by my parents about a year ago. I never really made it a point to look for videos before, but now that I could subscribe to them, have them automatically downloaded, and transferred to my TV, I figured “what the hell?”

And some of them are fascinating, some are depressing, and some are really cool. Today, I watched one of the really cool ones and I have to share. It’s embedded below, and well worth the 6 minutes to watch it. And, now that you all know the back story, you may find me posting some videos that I stumble across in my explorations.

Now, sit back and enjoy the wonders that can be wrought with a Wii remote:


One Response to So Cool (OR Ideas worth watching)

  1. Dave says:

    Okay, that’s absolutely ridiculous. Absolutely. Awesomely. Ridiculous.

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