Greatest Humorous Anthropomorphication Of An All-Female College Ever

I see in a commercial during tonight’s SugarOrange Bowl that apparently the McRib sandwich is back, yet again.  I’ve never actually eaten one of these, but the mere mention puts me in the mind of the great Simpsons episode about the Ribwich, made of an animal so delicious, even its ribs are made of meat.

Which, of course, reminds me of the dream Lisa has when she is offered a free college scholarship to throw the national spelling bee she’s entered in.  She imagines her opportunity to attend any of the Seven Sisters, appearing as women wearing school-appropriate sweatshirts.

Barnard College: (wearing glasses): We are the Seven Sisters. And you can attend any one of us! Like Barnard, Columbia’s “girl next door.”
Radcliffe College: Come to Radcliffe and meet Harvard men.
Wellesley College: Or come to Wellesley and marry them.
Mount Holyoke College: (slurring, champagne glass in hand) No. Party with me! (Falls face first.)
Vassar College: Or nonconform with me! (Raises arms, reveals hairy armpits.)
Smith College: (muscular, carries lacrosse stick, husky voice) Play lacrosse with me!
Bryn Mawr College: Or explore with me! (She and Smith kiss with passion.)

The moment when Smith and Bryn Mawr start sucking face is absolutely riotous, one of my favorite Simpsons moments of all time.

H/t Simpsons wiki page.


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