Suck It, Esteemed Co-Blogger

Discussing the just-ended Eagles/Cowboys game, Shane wrote

Likewise, the Cowboys and their solid running attack are playing in windy Philadelphia against Andy “no-run” Reid and Donovan “one-hop” McNabb.

I guess we’ll see what teams are better equipped for “playoff-style” football, which is good, since the playoffs are on the line.

I really can’t argue with anything that he said, especially in the line about the Birds.  For much of the last 10 years, and far too often the last few years, “no-run” and “one-hop” have been depressingly accurate descriptors of my team’s head coach and quarterback, respectively.  But, for one day at least,  they were quite satisfyingly inaccurate.

I haven’t had many days more pleasant in my history of football-watching.  Giants and R*dskins lose, the Patriots are eliminated from the playoffs, and the Eagles absolutely demolish the Cowgirls, with a playoff spot on the line.  It was great to see some semblance of a running game, and to see the defense come up with some plays, although the ‘Girls definitely helped more than a little when it came to making the defense look good – those were some pretty pathetic turnovers they committed.

I don’t have much in the way of strategic insight about the game, but I will say that the Eagles team that played today is absolutely good enough to make a run in the NFC playoffs.  Alternatively, the one that scored 3 points against the R*dskins last week could certainly get blown out in Minnesota next week.  Who the hell knows?

One other thought, which I didn’t see reflected on any of the highlight shows.  Once Romo essentially ignored Wade Philips punting on fourth-and-inches in the third quarter, waving off the punt team and running a play by himself, that was officially the end of the Philips era in Dallas, as far as I’m concerned.  The only question at this point is how much is Bill Cowher going to make Jerry Jones pay him for the privelege of taking over this mess, and will he keep Jason Garrett on board?


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