Give and Take (OR Neverendingness)

I’ve been struggling, of late. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I haven’t been posting here much lately. Now that the election is over, it’s hard to connect with the enthusiasm of the Obama Campaign. The transition seems to be going well, but I’m not connected enough to the Washington world to know much about what Obama’s cabinet appointments really mean.

The section of the blogosphere that I follow seem reasonably content with Mr. Obama’s selections, so that’s good.

And yet, as the Bush Administration winds down, people are digging into the misdeeds of that Administration and finding some unsurprising things. President Bush has been going around trying to convince us that he hasn’t been a miserable failure of a President, seemingly oblivious to the economic disaster he, his administration, and his policies have wreaked upon the US, and the world.

Add to that the steady stream of info from Gitmo that seems to confirm the worst of our fears about what this country has done in our name, and for our “safety” and this is truly a depressing time. As President-elect Obama gets down to the business of governing, the shimmer and light of the hope he inspired seems to be fading…   or perhaps it’s just being overshadowed by all the bad news from the past eight years…  or maybe by the Republicans in congress demonstrating how irrationally obstinate they’ll be in the future as they block a short term loan to auto companies that would help prevent the loss of a few hundred thousand jobs.

Anyway, the news just is never good, it seems, and it doesn’t seem likely to improve in the near future. I don’t really want to bring you all down.

I’m just hoping it’s a cold winter, down time, mood that will pass with startling suddeness on January 20th.


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