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I haven’t been paying a ton of attention to the recent cabinet appointment gossip from the Obama transition team, so it came as a complete surprise to me this morning that Steve Chu, who won a Nobel Prize in Physics for his work at Stanford on the subject of laser cooling, will be nominated to be the next Secretary of Energy.  This has the personal highlight of making him the first cabinet secretary-nominee that I’ve ever conducted an interview with, back when I was visiting potential grad schools junior year of undergrad.  Cool.

Also, I don’t really know what the Secretary of Energy does, so I have no idea if Steve will really have the ability to make the world a better place, one Bose-Einstein condensate at a time, but I do know that he is wicked smart, and if he thinks he can do the job well, then the odds are that he probably can.

As a bonus – via Yglesias, here’s a link of him talking about his views on climate change.  Apparently he’s been branching out from the laser cooling world…


One Response to The Nexus Of Politics And Geekery

  1. Matt Dernoga says:

    I have that same video on my post

    I think he’ll make a great Energy Secretary if they don’t tie his hands

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