News From The North: Fat Canadians Edition

Via this week’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback, a few weeks ago the Canadian Supreme Court ruled that obese fliers in Canada have the right to get a second airplane seat for free, if they are fat enough that they don’t fit in a single seat.

This is, not to put too fine a point on it, insane.  Are Canadian stores now going to be forced to stop charging an extra couple bucks for size XXXL t-shirts?  (Fun Canadian Fact: Canadian Dollars are often referred to as ‘loonies’, as in, “wow, I’d be loonie to take payment for this good or service in the form of Canadian dollars, eh!”.  Second Fun Canadian Fact: This joke is no longer nearly as entertaining as it was in my childhood, when the going rate was about 1.5 Canadian Dollars to the U.S. Dollar.  After going above the U.S. dollar briefly not too long ago, the loonie is now trading at about 1.2 per greenback)  Are restaurants going to be forbidden from charging extra to a very fat person who needs two entrees in order to feel full?  Or, alternatively, if two thin people choose to split an entree, should they be charged double, to maintain the ‘one diner, one fare’ rule?

I am totally down with the anti-discrimination forces, and you shouldn’t be able to keep a fat person from ordering dinner at your restaurant, or going on your airplane.  But they, like everyone, should damn well have to pay for the resources they use.


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