Proof That God Loves Us

Much like Ezra, I have no particular commentary about last month’s New Yorker article about microbrews (or, in the parlance, extreme brewing).  Although I will note that, although I generally try and make it through life without regrets, I sincerely and deeply regret not stopping by the Dogfish Head brewpub in Rehoboth, Delaware, on my motorcycle adventure this summer.  If I am ever in that part of the world again, I will be getting a hotel room which is stumbling distance from the pub, and drinking myself into incoherence there.


2 Responses to Proof That God Loves Us

  1. And that is why I am O! so grateful to live within crawling distance of another fine example of such beauty: Southern Sun Pub.

    What a joy it is….

  2. LT says:

    The Dogfish head brewery is really awesome – They have all their small batch stuff that doesn’t get out on the market and this is the only place to get it. Some truly fine brews. If you do get out there, I recommend getting a crew of folks and renting a beach house. Or you can come join my team when we go out there for a tournament.

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