The Hits Keep Coming

And news continues to trickle out of the incumbent Obama Administration, as, today, New Mexico governor Bill Richardson was named as President-Elect Obama’s nominee to be Secretary of Commerce, his third cabinet-level position after being U.N. Ambassador and Secretary of Energy during the Clinton Administration.  As a side-note, the U.N. Ambassadorship was demoted from the Cabinet during the Bush 43 era, and President-Elect Obama has announced that it will be remoted (?) into the cabinet in 2009, a welcome change and recognition of the importance of international institutions in this era.

I love Richardson in a lot of ways, although I was forced, watching the early Democratic party debates in 2007, to agree with Yglesias’s contention that he was a walking resume, more than a viable candidate.  The President of the United States has many duties, and his policy proposals are just a small part of what he does.  Much of his job consists of convincing the people, both of the U.S. and the world at large, that his policies are the right idea.  And while Richardson’s policies were, generally, good, and ones I could get behind, he may have been the world’s worst proponent of them.  The man is just a terrible speaker, and awful at convincing people who don’t already agree with him.

That’s why I was glad to see him not get the nod as SecState.  At the same time, he’s an intelligent, informed man, with generally good policy leanings, and I’m sure he’ll do a great job at Commerce, so I’m glad for today’s announcement.


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