Fuck You, Marilyn Musgrave; Fuck You And The Antediluvian, Misanthropic, Homophobic Horse You Rode In On

I’m not sure if I made any point of celebrating this fact last month, but the single thing I was most proud of on Election Day was not helping swing Colorado blue, although that was certainly a big deal; instead, it was helping improve turnout in Longmont sufficiently that we managed to unseat Marilyn Musgrave.  Knowing that I was being represented by this absolute troglodyte was one of the real shameful points about living in Longmont.

Seriously – go check out her Wikipedia page.  It’s like a page from Who’s Who Of Insane Intolerant Christian Radicals.  The woman is completely nuts – her priorities included introducing the Federal Marriage Amendment for every Congress she sat in, an attempt to amend the U.S. Constitution to define marriage as being between one man and one woman.  Because, you know, that’s one of the pressing issues of our time, and we really need to write some more discrimination back into the Constitution.  She’s also wildly right-wing on abortion issues, was one of the main proponents of the bill to disrupt the legal court process of the Terry Schiavo case, and opposed a law which would have mandated that trigger locks be put on new handguns.  Because, you know, it’s important that small children be allowed the right to accidentally kill themselves while snooping in Daddy’s wardrobe, but a woman whose brain has melted into a puddle of goo ought to be kept alive indefinitely, you know, just in case.

Anyhow, her opponent this year was Betsy Markey, former Chief of Staff of Colorado Senator Ken Salazar, who seemed like a pretty reasonable person to represent this district, which has a very odd constituency, running from the Hispanic-heavy Longmont to the redneck wilds of Weld County, to Boulder North a.k.a. Fort Collins.  Markey is a definite centrist, with some Blue Dog tendencies that I didn’t personally agree with, and also had some shady past business dealings, a fact which became not just the central argument, but really the only argument, of Musgrave’s campaign.  But she was infinitely preferable to The Wicked Witch of The Weld, as Musgrave has been called before.

I didn’t campaign for Markey at all – in fact, I never once talked to one of her staffers.  But, increasing turnout for Obama was naturally going to lead to better turnout for Markey also, and she convincingly won the district by 12 points, 56-44.   And this really shouldn’t have been surprising, but Musgrave did not handle the news well.  She did not call Markey on Election Night to concede, or to congratulate her on winning.  In fact, to this day, she has not called Markey.  In fact, she has not appeared in public yet to concede, to answer questions about the race, anything.  Her offices are now empty, and calls to her staff confirm that she hasn’t even called her staff to thank them for their work on her behalf.

But, via Steve Benen, I learned today that she has finally conceded, in a way, by appearing in a robocall which was intended to turn out the vote in yesterday’s Georgia Senate runoff.  Both Benen and the article think the call is overly negative, or vicious, but all I can say is, if they think that, they really haven’t been paying attention to Marilyn Musgrave for very long.  The woman is a walking time bomb of wingnuttery, and by her standards, the call was pretty tame:

“Leftist special interests from around the country poured money into my district to defeat me. They overwhelmed us with money. And they smothered the truth with vicious attacks and lies.

“We are seeing the same pattern in Georgia. Pro-abortion radicals and liberal activists won’t stop until they have a chokehold on our government. You can stop them with your vote. It’s too late to change the results in Colorado, but on Tuesday you can cast your vote for Saxby Chambliss.”

Unfortunately, the strategy worked, as Chambliss won the runoff pretty easily, meaning the Dems will not be able to get their 60-vote superdupermajority in the Senate.  As I’ve said before, I’m not at all convinced that this is a bad thing – I guess we’ll find out!

Anyhow, about this, all I can say about Musgrave is good riddance to baaaad rubbish, and if she never appears in public again, it will be too soon.


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