Bringing The Crazy Back To Washington

Whatever you may say about President-Elect Obama’s cabinet and other high-level staffing decisions so far, and there are certainly plenty of things you can say about it, I know that I, for one, am overjoyed that we are going to have Bill Clinton back in our lives again.  The Obama campaign was marked by a sort of quiet competence, people simply went out, did their jobs, then disappeared down the rabbit hole again until it was time for them to make another public appearance.  It made for a good campaign, but it would have been, frankly, pretty dull to deal with over 8 years.

Bill, on the other hand, is about the noisiest extremely competent person we’ve ever had in public service, and Hillary is certainly not averse to a little horn-tooting from time to time, either.  Of course I hope that it doesn’t deleteriously affect the performance of the Obama administration, but I’m pretty excited about it either way.

Also gotta agree with Yglesias on this:

It would have surprised me — a lot — if two years ago you’d told me that conservatives would be hailing Hillary Clinton’s appointment as Secretary of State as a great ideological victory for the American right.


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