Football Wrapup

My esteemed coblogger and I got together on Saturday this weekend to watch the Big Game Of The Week, Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma.  As is sadly typical during our football watching events, the game really failed to live up to expectations, as Oklahoma just ran all over the Red Raiders, to the final tune of 65-21.  Yowza.

This leaves it very likely that these two teams and Texas will end up in a 3-way tie for the top of the Big 12 South division.  Whoever ends up winning that division, if they can win the Big 12 Championship Game, will probably end up in the BCS Championship, so it’s a pretty big deal who wins.  The way it is decided is by using the BCS ranking – whoever is ranked highest of the 3 teams after the end of the regular season gets the nod to represent the South division.

Needless to say, everyone has their preferred method for determining which of the 3 teams “deserves” the spot.

To me, the point is that no one deserves it.  For better or worse, the way things go in NCAA football is that if you lose a game, you no longer have a guaranteed spot in the championship game.  All this assumes, of course, that you’re in a BCS conference.  If not, better luck next year.  Anyhow, that logic carries down into the conferences as well – if you lose a game, even if it’s on a last-second touchdown throw on the road, as with Texas, then you can’t assume that a spot is yours.  It’s left up to the opinions of voters, a notoriously fickle and inscrutable lot.

However, as Yglesias points out, the biggest damn shame of the BCS system is that we’ll probably never see shit like this in the championship game:


2 Responses to Football Wrapup

  1. Tripp says:

    Great plays, but I feel compelled to point out that the World doesn’t give a shit about American football.

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