Credit Where Credit Is Due

Despite my best intentions, I find myself being, at best, a so-so partisan hack.  I am a fairly consistent liberal, which means that I will tend to agree with the Democratic party much more often than not, and disagree with Republicans at about the same rate.  And I take a second seat to no one (well, to very few, anyhow) in my distaste for the current inhabitants of the White House, their terrible policies, even worse implementations of said policies, and the general clusterfuck they’ve perpetrated on the nation.

However, that being said, everything I’ve read since the election says that the Bush administration has been acting very much the grownups in the early weeks of the Obama transition.  I learned in Time this morning that current White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten started working with John Podesta in September, helping give advice to set up the Bush-Obama transition before it was even close to official.  I assume similar work was being done with the McCain campaign, or at least it would have been had the McCain campaign been anywhere near organized enough to have even been thinking about a transition in September.

So, kudos to the Bush administration, for having their priorities in order, at least when it came to the question of whether to try and make life difficult for the person who had been using their name as a curse word for two years, or to do the right thing by the country and make the transition of power as smooth as possible.  If only they could have governed half as selflessly…

2 Responses to Credit Where Credit Is Due

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  2. Jenny says:

    Kudos indeed, except that my cynical self believes it is motivated by Bush’s desire to get out of there as soon as possible. As Jon Stewart suggested, he’d hand over the keys today if he could.

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