Making The World A Better Place, One See-Through Plastic Package At A Time

Great news from the New York Times this morning, which reports on developments by major manufacturers and retailers, including and Sony, to improve the quality of in-store plastic packaging for small items.  In particular, they are trying to phase out the see-through plastic “clamshell” packaging, the stuff that often cannot be opened with anything less than an acetylene torch or a circular power saw.

I’m sure everyone has their own set of horror stories in this field.  I’ve personally never drawn blood while trying to open a clamshell package, either with the implement I was using to cut the plastic or with the shards of plastic themselves.  However, I once had to resort to using my teeth to open the packaging of the pair of scissors I bought when I first moved off-campus in college.  I didn’t have any sharp implements around, which was why I had bought the fucking scissors.

Although, I have to say, my excitement at these developments still cannot match this woman:

For consumers like Lisa Martin, a mother of two from Chicago, such packaging means exhausting birthday mornings as her young children wonder impatiently why a cluster of adults are stabbing at their new presents with knives and scissors.

“I understand antitheft. But when you get home and it takes two days to get your purchase open, it kind of defeats the purpose,” said Ms. Martin, who was so enthusiastic about Amazon’s “frustration-free” initiative she offered in her blog to “make out” with the company.


One Response to Making The World A Better Place, One See-Through Plastic Package At A Time

  1. Jenny says:

    Okay, so after the clamshell problem, when are parents going to be delivered from the incredible frustrations of having to untwist/untangle a milling wire twisties that hold toys into their display packaging? Fisher-Price is one of the worst offenders. It’s really sad that you have to tell your kids, “Sorry we’ll play with that awesome toy later (when I have the patience to disassemble the packaging, without you around to try to grab every piece that shows signs of looseness like a six-year-old’s front teeth).”

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