Where Do We Go From Here?

And so, after two long years, countless debates, speeches, chicken dinners and coffee klatches, hands kissed and babies shaken (or is it the opposite?), the election is over.  Thank goodness.

And now, progressive and liberal voters, after pouring all their heart and soul into working, hoping, donating, dreaming about the sort of day we had last Tuesday – increased majorities in the House and Senate, something approaching the magical filibuster-proof majority in the upper house, and a 365-173 electoral vote win – are faced with the inevitable deflation of Christmas morning, when, although that shiny new bike is awfully cool, and awfully shiny, the reality of it simply isn’t quite as exciting as what you had been imagining you would feel.  Especially given that it’s the end of freaking December and it’s not going to be warm for another 3 months, so why the hell do I need a bicycle right now?  But no, no remnant childhood Jewish bitterness here, not me.

So I, like many liberals I imagine, am wondering – what next?

This is, of course, not a simple question, thus it cannot have a simple answer.  Or, at the least, any simple answer will be quite incomplete.

But, we can sketch out a few short questions, and put out a few answers, and see what comes of it.  I’m also very curious to hear the feedback of you, Faithful Readers, and also my esteemed co-blogger, should he choose to remove his blogging hat from the closet it’s been locked away in for a while now.

And so – where do we go from here?


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