Election Roundup

My tabs are proliferating, so to clear things out, here are a few of my favorite post-election posts of the last few days.

Krugman on the hopeful end of “The Monster Years”, defined as the years when unpleasant men like Tom Delay, Karl Rove, and Dick Cheney wielded major levers of power in Washington.

Farhad Manjoo in Slate on fun ways to waste time on the web, now that you’re not desperately hovering over fivethirtyeight.com, yelling at the screen to “refresh, damn you!  How can there be no new polling from Missouri since two days ago!” Maybe that was just me, though.

Mark Schmitt (who, if you aren’t reading, you really ought to be – I always listen to his appearances on bloggingheads.tv at least twice) on how Tuesday’s results really mark the end of an era, less Krugman’s “Monster Years” than simply an era defined by rank, unpleasant, and unyielding partisanship, often from both sides of the aisle.  No more Doles or Bushes in power.  No obvious leadership figures in the Republican party, although, four years ago, Obama President-Elect Obama (ahhhh) was not in any way the leader of the Democratic party, so who knows?  But, really, that’s Schmitt’s point.  At least since ’94, it’s been pretty easy to chart the path of things in Washington, although external events obviously changed many circumstances.  Starting today, I have absolutely no idea how things are going to develop, and neither do you, nor anyone else.  It’s exciting and fun, and a hell of a lot less depressing than a world where John ”Look at my rich, healthy glowing orange skin” Boehner gets to set the course of the national discourse.

Steve Benen in The Washington Monthly about the repeated statement by right-wing extremist nutjobs (ahh, Tom Brokaw, we hardly knew ye, now get your conventional wisdom-spouting ass back off my teevee) that the US remains a philosophically center-right country, as evidenced by the fact that North Carolina (North-fucking-Carolina!) was called today for President-Elect Obama (ahhhh).  Or something.  Of course, Faithful Readers already know my opinion on the very silly meme that this is a center-right country, and the election results have only hardened my opposition to this absurdity.

ABC’s The Note on early efforts by the incoming Obama Administration (ahhhh) to avoid unrealistically raising the expectations of its record number of supporters.  This began on election night, when President-Elect Obama told us that winning the election was only the first step, and maybe the easiest, in the multi-year plan to set this country back on the right course.  On this topic, also see Nagourney and Jim Rutenberg in The New York Times.


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