Hear, Hear

Go read Hilzoy on the prospects of fixing our voter registration system before the 2012 presidential election.  As she says, it is absolutely criminal that we find ourselves, 8 years after the Florida fiasco, still arguing about voter registration fraud, dealing with inconsistent state-to-state registration requirements, voter ID requirements at polling places, and the like.  Just centralize the whole god-damned thing and have it start making some sense, for once.

It doesn’t fix the Democrats’ favorite hobby horse, voter suppression, but, as the lady says, it would be a Very Good Thing to do nonetheless, since there’s something in it for both parties, plus it would stop the Republicans from whining about how ACORN and Mickey Mouse and Tony Romo stole the election from them after Obama bitch-slaps McCain back to 1967 next week, an outcome that I suspect both parties would be pleased with.


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