Heath Care Costs (OR The next upward redistribution)

On the heels of all the graphs I posted below, Ezra comes up with a couple of his own. This time, though, the topic is health care. I’ll let Ezra explain:

The following chart tracks the budget deficit as it’s projected to grow over the next 50 years. The blue line — that’s the one shooting up — is what we expect our deficit to actually look like. Those other lines, the one’s going down (and down means no budget deficit, but instead a surplus), show what would happen if our health spending were equivalent to that of other rich nations like Japan, Germany, and Canada

Now, given this is the Federal Deficit, I don’t imagine it would decline as much (if at all) since the Government always manages to find ways to waste huge sums of money. Still, that run up is significant, and much of it will come from increased expenditures in health care. And, since we all pay into the Federal coffers to provide Medicare this will have the effect of redirecting our tax dollars into the health care sector.

So, just has our government’s inaction over the last few decades has all but forced us to give huge sums of money to energy companies, our government’s inaction right now will, inevitably, force us to give huge sums of money to insurance companies and health care providers.

And, as my previous post demonstrated: we don’t have any more money to give.

This is getting ridiculous.


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