Weird, weird weekend in the NFL.  The Eagles had earned the title of doormats of the NFC East, which is being described as the greatest division since the 1993 NL West, when the Braves finished one game ahead of the Giants, 103 wins to 102, coming down to the final day of the season.  And then, on a weekend when the Giants were playing the horrible Browns, the Redskins had the winless, hapless Rams, and the Cowboys had the always-a-bridesmaid Cardinals, somehow Philly was the only team to pull out a win, on the road against the once again overrated 49ers.

A veritable plethora of crazy, last-minute wins, with Chicago giving up a 26-yard out play with 1 second left to set up Atlanta’s game-winning figgie, Dallas barely eking their way into overtime against the Cards, only to lose on a blocked punt returned for 6 (shades of Romo’s fumble on a field goal attempt in the playoffs against the Seahawks 2 years back), and Matt f’ing Schaub calling his own number on a QB draw with 3 seconds left to pull out the win against Miami.

It’s a pretty well understood rule that the NFL is the least-predictable of all the major sports.  Everyone just knew that the Giants were going to struggle mightily after losing Umeniyora and Strahan, and then, by week 4, they’re on the verge of forming a positively Patriots-caliber dynasty, and then tonight they lose to the Browns (sorry to re-use that example, but being an Eagles fan, I hate the Giants with all my soul, so I love this particular result.)  It seems to me that, in some ways, week-to-week the NFL is nearly impossible to predict.  The level of athleticism on each team is so high that ‘Any Given Sunday…’ has never had more meaning (the cliche, not the abominable Oliver Stone movie, of course.)

Except, of course, that the Cowboys will always suck, no matter how many games they win.  That will never change.


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