The Impression That I Get

Ross Douthat, in a moment of near-clarity, at least by the nearly Palinian standards I expect of him, writes

I think McCain looks, to our hypothetical undecided, utterly disconnected from what’s happening in the world, and the details of the Ayers connection, however troubling they might be in another context, blur away into a broader impression of a flailing, desperate, out-of-touch candidate.

And what could the reason for that impression be, Ross?

At this point, the McCain camp seems to be taking its cues more from the liberal caricature of past conservative campaigns – that they’ve all been fundamentally unserious exercises in culture-war button-pushing – than from the campaigns themselves.

Almost as if it were…come on, Ross, don’t make me spell it out for you.  You can do it – I believe in you!

Okay, fine.  I’ll say it: It’s almost as if the McCain campaign actually is a flailing, desperate, out-of-touch campaign!

Sometimes, the simplest answer really is the right one.


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