My Personal West Coast Offense

I realize that my recent blogging has been avoiding much in the way of personal news, and thus, it is possible that you, my Faithful Readers, may be unaware of a pretty major development, which is that I have turned in my letter of resignation at my current job, and I will be unemployed after Tuesday, September 30th.

I don’t have another job lined up yet; although I am hunting and interviewing right now, I’m kind of hoping to get 2 months or so of time off (for good behavior?) before working again.  There are plenty of things that I hope to do more of, and hopefully I can use that time to get some momentum going in those directions.

I am actually posting this from the Best Western in Petaluma, CA.  I am here for a job interview with a laser company – I’m interviewing for a position known as an application engineer, which is quite exciting, although not quite as exciting as the prospect of having no job at all.

More later on this front, but I felt like everyone should know…


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