Bailout (OR Rational Considerations)

The Bush Administration (in the form of Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson) are asking for $700 billion ($700,000,000,000) without any transparency or oversight in how that very, very large sum of money is spent.

Seriously. As numerous people have pointed out, the same people who have brought us to this point, who have driven us into an interminable (and terribly executed) war in Iraq, who are lead by, perhaps, the worst President in this country’s history, are asking us to pony up at least $2,000 per person (not taxpayer) by saying, essentially: “Trust us.”

You have to be kidding. Sen. Obama and Speaker Pelosi are making the right noises, but this is the same congress that folded on FISA not too long ago. My hopes are not high.

In the mean time, if you’d like to see what a rational, and progressive, bailout might include read Dean Baker and Robert Reich.


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