Maddow (OR Yay! Liberals on TV)

I just wanted to take a moment and say how much I’m enjoying being able watch Rachel Maddow. There was a while there where I’d hope she’d appear on Olbermann’s show so I could catch 3 minutes of her insight.

Now, I get to watch her show 5 nights a week (‘cuz MSNBC doesn’t provide a podcast).

Lately, she’s been doing an excellent job of focusing on Gov. Palin’s alleged abuse of power in Alaska. There are, of course, many other place to find information on the details, bt I think it’s important to remember something:

The only reason this is a national story is because a political hack, who happens to be running for President, looking for a running mate about whom his “base” can get excited, decided to pick an untested, unvetted, Governor.

Is Gov. Palin facing the music? Potentially. But that’s really not the story. The story is that Sen. McCain selected a running mate with this sort potential scandal hanging over her head.

These needs to come back to bite Sen. McCain in the ass.

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