Sure Fire Win (OR Campaign Ploys Are Fun)

I saw this wacky claim from Sen. McCain that he knows how to capture/kill Osama bin Laden. I almost immediately dismissed it as another campaign ploy.

Keith Olbermann, in his Special Comment tonight, tore into Sen. McCain for not sharing his method/knowledge/etc now and using it to “blackmail” the electorate.

Somewhere in there, it occured to me that if Sen. McCain did have a surefire way to capture/kill bin Laden and he wanted to win the election (which seems pretty safe to say), he would find a way to initiate the capture/kill and take credit for it. Seriously, if he could do it, and do it in such a way that there was no, or little, doubt that he was responsible, he would win this election.

So, if Sen. McCain is saying he can, but he isn’t, then he really can’t.

2 Responses to Sure Fire Win (OR Campaign Ploys Are Fun)

  1. Claire says:

    While I understand and agree with Olberman’s anger at McCain and was mentally cheering when he wasn’t holding anything back in his critique, I wish he (Olberman) had applied the same fire of righteous anger to the earlier part of his segment on the use of 9/11 as a political ploy. I (and probably others) have been saying that for 7 years now – it’s probably the main reason I went from disliking the Bush dictat- er, administration to despising anything and everything Republican. I didn’t lose a family member or close friend on that day, but one very good friend had a near miss and I remember exactly how I felt when I watched the plane fly into the second tower at the time it happened (on TV). The abuse of such a tragedy by this administration deserves more than a few minute rant by Olberman. He could have devoted half his show to showing how the administration (local and federal) has manipulated and abused the events of that day and still not cover all of it. For shame that he devoted so little time and anger-energy to it!

    And since it is the 11th of September today, I’d like to pause for a moment and remember: all of the people who died when the towers collapsed, died when planes were hijacked, died in the resulting military actions against Iraq, and those who died as a result of health complications from the amount of crap spewed into the air in NYC after the towers were destroyed. Finally, those who have had to live, raise a family, and/or work in the area around the towers with the constant reminder of what happened that day either by the absence of a loved one or the visible ruins, while at the same time seeing day in and day out just how little the administration cares for their welfare when 9/11 is dragged out and used as an excuse for someone’s pet project. For all those people, living and dead, you haven’t been forgotten.

  2. […] think, to commemorate this day. So, I’m going to outsource that to Claire, who said this in a comment this morning: And since it is the 11th of September today, I’d like to pause for a moment and remember: all of […]

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