Some sad sports headlines of the last 24 hours.

I’m no fan of the Patriots – as a rule, I hate overly successful sports teams.  In particular, I hate them when they are from cities who think of themselves as hard-luck sports cities.  As a general fan of Philadelphia teams, I can only say that these cities don’t know from hardship, as Philly hasn’t won a major-sports title since the Sixers in ’83.

So, yes, I despise the Patriots.  I hate Bill Belichick, and his desire to game, play, and outright cheat the system whenever he thinks he can get away with it.  His incessant desire to lie and hide and protect all the information he can reminds me unpleasantly of Dick Cheney.  I hate Tom Brady and the sports media’s absurd fascination with his love life.  I hate that Randy Moss scurried his way out of Oakland with his tail between his legs and oh! look! he can still play football!

Still, all that said, I have nothing but sympathy for the fact that Brady is out for the year after suffering a knee injury during the first quarter of the Patriots’ first game of the season yesterday.  Being the Patriots, they aren’t saying what the actual injury is, even after the MRI, but if you see the highlights of the game, you’ll see the trainer giving Brady the Lachman test, which is the test to check for ACL tears, so I’m going to assume that he has, at the least, an ACL recon and 6 months of rehab to get through before he’s back to full activity.  I wish him a quick recovery.

The other sad headline, which can’t hold a candle, not even one of those little birthday cake candles, to the news about Brady, is that Andy Murray could not hold up his end of the bargain and deliver one of those ‘for the ages’ U.S. Open Finals that all us tennis fans were hoping for.  To be fair, he was going on short rest, against a guy who was, as of 6 months ago, being described as the greatest player of all time, so I can hardly blame him.  And I caught the end of the third set, and Federer was playing like Federer of old, with some snazzy volleys and that ridiculous running forehand that he can hit from anywhere on the court to anywhere on the court with amazing speed and spin.  So I don’t blame Murray for anything – it just sucks that the final couldn’t have been a wee bit more competitive.  I feel like Nadal would have made Federer break a sweat for the win…


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