Hey there Faithful Readers,

Sorry I ducked out in the middle of the speech last night – I had every intention of livesnarking…errr…liveblogging it, but I simply could not take the stupid, and went to pub trivia instead.

Then, for reasons even I cannot explain, tuned in to almost the entire rest of speech while driving to Boulder.   As I used to say, a foolish consistency…

Anyhow, I do have one or two more thoughts about the speech (full transcript here for those interested)

My favorite co-blogger noted the extremely odd moment of McCain, in an entirely incongruously Clintonian moment, proposing an actual new program for worker retraining:

For workers in industries that have been hard hit, we’ll help make up part of the difference in wages between their old job and a temporary, lower paid one while they receive retraining that will help them find secure new employment at a decent wage.

I don’t know how it played on TV, since I was in my car at this point, but it sounded like the red meat crowd was really having a lot of trouble getting themselves excited for this completely Euro-trashy Social Democratic policy, although it is certainly the sort of thing I could get excited about, and it’s something I hope Obama adopts.  It’s one of those things that seems to work really well in Scandanavia, anyhow.  Shane also wonders how it’s going to be paid for, but he forgot about the magical, mystical combination of massive spending cuts in all those government programs that nobody cares about and the generous application of the tax cut fairy, who will raise revenues through the powers of the whimsical Laffer Curve.

Gotta love this paragraph:

I’m grateful to the President for leading us in those dark days following the worst attack on American soil in our history, and keeping us safe from another attack many thought was inevitable; and to the First Lady, Laura Bush, a model of grace and kindness in public and in private. And I’m grateful to the 41st President and his bride of 63 years, and for their outstanding example of honorable service to our country.

Notice a phrase that’s missing in there?  ‘President Bush.’  I thought the circumambulation of referring to President George H.W. Bush as ‘the 41st President’ was a dead giveaway of the fact that they were avoiding that particular pairing of words.  In fact, if you look through his whole speech, and for that matter any of the speeches I saw from the entire week, you never hear the phrase ‘President Bush’.  Almost as if they don’t want you to remember that a Republican has been occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave for the last 8 years…

Finally, regarding energy policy:

We will produce more energy at home. We will drill new wells offshore, and we’ll drill them now. We will build more nuclear power plants. We will develop clean coal technology. We will increase the use of wind, tide, solar and natural gas. We will encourage the development and use of flex fuel, hybrid and electric automobiles.

Senator Obama thinks we can achieve energy independence without more drilling and without more nuclear power. But Americans know better than that. We must use all resources and develop all technologies necessary to rescue our economy from the damage caused by rising oil prices and to restore the health of our planet.

So…we do need to do something to restore the health of our planet?  Holy shit, I think I just realized something!

In fact, this deserves its own post.  Hold on…


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